Blocs V4.4.3 Beta Build 1

Christmas is almost here, so here is a little early present!

Blocs V4.4.3 beta build1 :partying_face: :beers:

Happy testing and thanks for the support from those of you who help to test! :raised_hands:

Download Blocs 4.4.3 Beta Build 1

Don’t forget to hard reload your browser, if the beta doesn’t show!

Hey Blocs translators, if you get a spare 5 mins it would be great if you could help to translate some of the outstanding translations for Blocs. I really appreciate all of your help :beers:


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A couple small things picked up yesterday. If I use the class form-control::placeholder and change the font it shows in edit, but not in preview or when published. That has happened before but I thought it was resolved at some point.

Also if I add a modal bric some icons are fractionally clipped at the sides in the normal state, but not in hover. To avoid this I ended up adding 5px of padding to the close class.

Hey, @norm. When applying a texture to a video background it only shows for a split second before the background video starts playing. Using BS5.
Kapture 2021-12-30 at 08.23.17

Blocs is still recording links to images in the CSS, which have previously been removed from the project causing 404 not found errors. In the latest instance it involves a couple hero background images that were applied via custom class.

The same is happening with the follow links bric showing a 404 error for the linkedin page, even though none is included on the page.

It is also sometimes exporting empty img folders, though all images are remotely hosted elsewhere.


I just noticed a minor quirk with a Carousel object when converting a Blocs 4.4.3b1 project from bs4 to bs5. The Previous Button and Next Button info showing in the layer tree changes to show the Carousel logo/text. The first attachment is the bs4 view; the 2nd is the bs5 view. Even though the bs5 view shows the Carousel logo/text, the Carousel object works fine for editing and export as before in bs4.

Has anyone else noticed this quirk? Btw, I think this quirk occurs with Blocs 4.4.2 too.



Seems to be like that in a BS5 project too, not just migrated one.

I’ll take a look at that

I have just had the same thing happen with the downloads folder and discovered the trigger. If I export while in edit mode it is correct, but if I export from preview it exports empty folders such as img and downloads that are not needed.

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Lately I’ve had a few occasions with this beta where Blocs opens fine, but then trying to open a project can take anything up to a minute with spinning ball and these are small 5 page sites without heavy graphics. This is new and never seen before, but once opened I can try again and the project opens in a second.

I’ve had this today. I think the issue may be font loading via Google. Not sure if you have them enabled.

Not one Google font here.

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Hey, @Norm. When changing the font type in a span to Helvetia Blocs crashes. It seems to be only an issue with Helvetia as I tried a few other fonts as well without issues. It happens on V4.4.2 and V4.4.3B1.
2022-02-06_09-41-34 (2)


I can confirm that happened to me a few times in recent months.

I can’t replicate, so is this an M1 issue?

No crash here either on Intel.

I believe yes as I can’t replicate on my Intel.

EDIT: I can’t replicate it on my Ipad as well…

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I’m hoping to get 4.5 beta one out next week so I’ll get this looked at for that release.

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Just a little canvas glitch. The recapture bric decided to show him/her ( :thinking:) as an image Bric. It sits there nicely for a couple of weeks now it doesn’t want to go back to its previous life without removing and re-installing.

HOWEVER, reinstalling is a challenge! The double character input is still around and when (finally) typed the full Bric name it’s not appearing.
2022-02-06_13-22-38 (1)

I’m not sure recapture is in the store. That’s auto installed by Blocs as it comes bundled with the app.