Blocs V4.4 Beta Build 5

It’s a very minor thing and very easy to fix.

@Norm, Are you looking into the other major issues I’m having?

Yeah I’ll hopefully have more news on that tomorrow.

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In the meantime, have you checked to see if it opens in the current release version?

Also have you recovered a working copy from the backup vault, you can access it from the Blocs main menu (requires auto backup enabled)

Yes my friend, I have tried the most current release version not the beta and still had the same problems.
I’ve even tried the backup resources that bloc makes and none of those worked.
in the email I sent you it has both the crashing version of the bloc and the non-crashing version done in 2018.

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The following is the 2 lines pertaining to “no content” that is found in the left sidebar when you open a new document with no content…

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I was just checking something in preview and clicked on a link, which logically shows the linked page as it would appear if published, however the original page is still shown as being active at the top the interface.

That’s actually good, because I am back where I started when I return to edit mode, but it almost needs a back button for preview mode.

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