Blocs V4.5.3 Beta Build 1

Hot off the heels of the public release of Blocs V4.5.2 here is the first beta for Blocs V4.5.3. This release includes a range of fixes for some new and long standing issues.

I hope to have build 2 out next week with more improvements so happy testing until then.

Download Blocs 4.5.3 Beta Build 1

Don’t forget to hard reload your browser, if the beta doesn’t show!


Fixed various issues with css shadow UI showing wrong values.

YaY :tada: :partying_face: :palm_tree: :coconut:


Shadows are working much better. Not just showing the right values, but also reflecting those values correctly now.


Just a thought, but it would be pretty cool if Blocs could create shadow gradients rather like this:

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You could probably do this now, just add two shadows with different colours and space the angles apart by a 15/20 degrees.

I just tried it and it works to some degree but not like from that website. This is with 12 points of blur and distance using blue and purple 20 degrees apart. I found that anything less in terms of distance just appears like one colour.

Screenshot 2022-07-14 at 19.46.00

It delivers better results if you drop the opacity considerably but still doesn’t fade from one to the other like other examples.

Screenshot 2022-07-14 at 19.51.29


Hey, @Norm.

Local assets are seriously challenging my nervous system :brain::

So I tried to be smart and move all assets from local to remote.
That was not really a good idea as it didn’t solve the problem:

EDIT: Linking is solved. Note to self: have another coffee :grin: :coffee:
Thanks, @Jannis. Repository saved my life :grinning:

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What’s happening here is it fixed?

Hi, @Norm. Hosted assets are working but local assets are having their own life at the moment.

Jerry, I tried to replicate this but it’s all working here.
I tried it with old projects and new. No issues with local stored assets.

Hi @Bootsie. Never had issues as well until 4.5.2.

Is the following correct?

• The assets are located locally.
• The project doesn’t show them on the design canvas.
• They appear in preview mode.
• The Missing Asset window is not triggered?

I have a sneaky suspicion this may be a permission issue. Occasionally when installing in app updates this can get muddled.

First port of call is to download Blocs again directly and install over the current version.


No, the project does show them on the design canvas

They disappear in preview mode without logic. i.e adding a second image makes the first image disappear in preview. Removing both images makes all the image placeholders disappear on the whole page.


Ah ok so the image links break on preview. Is this only isolated to the preview mode or after preview are they broken in the design mode too?

Also when you export and check contents are the images in the image folder?

That’s correct. Going back to the design mode shows the images again.

The image is not exported.

I’ve tried to replicate but there are no issues at all.
All images are in the asset manager, they appear in design mode, also in preview and all browsers.
All images are exported.

Hey, @Norm. Something interesting is happening with hosted assets.
When adding a hosted image with HTTPS:// Blocs exports it with an unsecured protocol, HTTP://. Any reason for this? :thinking:

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It would be great as well if we were able to modify the hosted assets links in Blocs. Fixing a typo is now a mission as you have to delete the asset and reload/apply.

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Why is a favicon (.ico) file not supported in hosted assets? :thinking:

To add:
On one page all images are not loading even though they link to the correct hosted assets location.

Looking at the console Blocs has decided to put the DEV website location in front of the hosted image link. This happens randomly without a given time/moment as it is not happening on an earlier version saved yesterday.

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