Blocs V4.5.3 Beta Build 2

The second beta for Blocs V4.5.3 is now ready to test. As well as a range of fixes, this build includes the latest versions of both Bootstrap Frameworks 4 and 5.

Happy Testing :beers:

Download Blocs 4.5.3 Beta Build 2

Don’t forget to hard reload your browser, if the beta doesn’t show!


I wondered how long it would take you to update the bootstrap framework and then you did it within 24 hours of release.


Responsive Offcanvas is a nice little sweet addition.

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Hi guys, when I’m changing the color of a text in a class and then changing the hover color, it crashes the app completely, as soon as I choose hover it closes the entire app.

In my case, I have a black background and changed the text to white.

pls let me know if anyone can try it and see if they can change the text hover color in a class
god bless

I have no issues with a new project.

Which version of MacOS?

Jerry, please excuse my lack of knowledge.
I have absolutely no idea what that means.
Can you explain please.

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@Bootsie the latest BS version adds some more classes for offcanvas. Dark Bg and also responsive breakpoint classes.


That could be useful.

Thank you Pete for the explanation.

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Hi Norm, Jerry thanks for jumping in, MacOS Ventura 13.0


Yeah that’s a known bug with Ventura, I’ll start patching for the new MacOS in mid August.

It looks fantastic, but I have unfortunately no clue how I could implement this.
Sorry for my low code understanding.
Any suggestions from the coconut and NZ pros :crazy_face:
Thanks and enjoy the weekend.


Well, the coconut is not a pro at all but here we go:

  1. Create a button. I would suggest putting it in your nav-bar and giving it a custom attribute as shown. It tells the button you want to apply offcanvas to an element with the id #main-menu.

  1. Create your fancy menu in a Bloc and set padding to 0px. Give your menu the id #main-menu.

As you want to be able to close the menu you’ll need to add a button/icon for this and give it the custom attribute as below:

I’m adding the bootstrap class.text-reset as well. You can read all about it in the docs.

Now the magic is about to happen :grin:.
Add .offcanvas and the direction from where you want the menu to appear to the element with the #main-menu id. I’m using .offcanvas-start but: -top, -bottom and -end are your other options as you can read in the docs.

Kapture 2022-07-23 at 20.35.02

If all applied as explained in the docs you should have created something like this:

Kapture 2022-07-23 at 20.38.12


Hey, @Norm. Typing the combination “s + w” to add a bric makes Blocs crash. It happens on BS4 and BS5.
2022-07-28_09-37-57 (1)

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I’ll check that out thanks.

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This addition seems interesting.
Does it mean you could change attributes with a class on a breakpoint instead of the @media-queries ?

Can’t find anything in the v5.2 what’s new.

Hey, @Norm. Got another crash for you on B2. When clicking the ‘-’ to remove fonts while there are no fonts installed makes Blocs B2 crash.

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Hey, @Norm.
Not sure if this is Blocs or Bootstrap related but why is there a bottom margin of 8px added to my headings Bric? :thinking: It adds an additional step to a ‘pixel perfect’ centre of text.

Hey @Norm I have many issues in a new project. Here is the crashing report:

Ausnahmename: NSRangeException
Beschreibung: *** -[__NSArrayM insertObject:atIndex:]: index 7 beyond bounds [0 … 5]
Benutzerinformationen: (null)

0 CoreFoundation 0x00007ff807ec77c3 __exceptionPreprocess + 242
1 libobjc.A.dylib 0x00007ff807c27bc3 objc_exception_throw + 48
2 CoreFoundation 0x00007ff807f82f8c _CFThrowFormattedException + 202
3 CoreFoundation 0x00007ff807ded2d7 -[__NSArrayM insertObject:atIndex:] + 1064
4 AppKit 0x00007ff80aac1919 -[NSTreeNode _insertObject:inSubNodesAtIndex:] + 57
5 AppKit 0x00007ff80b1bf0a9 -[NSTreeControllerTreeNode insertObject:inSubNodesAtIndex:] + 163
6 AppKit 0x00007ff80b0e5789 -[NSTreeController _insertObject:atArrangedObjectIndexPath:objectHandler:] + 408
7 Blocs 0x00000001035bbed1 Blocs + 696017
8 Blocs 0x00000001035c5387 Blocs + 734087
9 WebKit 0x00007ff90c76a55d _ZN28ScriptMessageHandlerDelegate14didPostMessageERN6WebKit12WebPageProxyEONS0_13FrameInfoDataERN3API12ContentWorldERN7WebCore21SerializedScriptValueE + 239
10 WebKit 0x00007ff90cab4142 _ZN6WebKit29WebUserContentControllerProxy14didPostMessageEN3WTF16ObjectIdentifierINS_26WebPageProxyIdentifierTypeEEEONS_13FrameInfoDataEyRKNS1_4SpanIKhLm18446744073709551615EEEONS1_17CompletionHandlerIFvSB_RKNS1_6StringEEEE + 686
11 WebKit 0x00007ff90cde0f4b ZN3IPC18handleMessageAsyncIN8Messages29WebUserContentControllerProxy14DidPostMessageEN6WebKit29WebUserContentControllerProxyEMS5_FvN3WTF16ObjectIdentifierINS4_26WebPageProxyIdentifierTypeEEEONS4_13FrameInfoDataEyRKNS6_4SpanIKhLm18446744073709551615EEEONS6_17CompletionHandlerIFvSG_RKNS6_6StringEEEEEEEvRNS_10ConnectionERNS_7DecoderEPT0_T1 + 3246
12 WebKit 0x00007ff90cde028a _ZN6WebKit29WebUserContentControllerProxy17didReceiveMessageERN3IPC10ConnectionERNS1_7DecoderE + 64
13 WebKit 0x00007ff90c7ff62d _ZN3IPC18MessageReceiverMap15dispatchMessageERNS_10ConnectionERNS_7DecoderE + 367
14 WebKit 0x00007ff90ca0e551 _ZN6WebKit15WebProcessProxy17didReceiveMessageERN3IPC10ConnectionERNS1_7DecoderE + 31
15 WebKit 0x00007ff90c7ee605 _ZN3IPC10Connection15dispatchMessageENSt3__110unique_ptrINS_7DecoderENS1_14default_deleteIS3_EEEE + 221
16 WebKit 0x00007ff90c7ee049 _ZN3IPC10Connection24dispatchIncomingMessagesEv + 629
17 JavaScriptCore 0x00007ff8207144df _ZN3WTF7RunLoop11performWorkEv + 431
18 JavaScriptCore 0x00007ff820714fca _ZN3WTF7RunLoop11performWorkEPv + 26
19 CoreFoundation 0x00007ff807e4c1ab CFRUNLOOP_IS_CALLING_OUT_TO_A_SOURCE0_PERFORM_FUNCTION + 17
20 CoreFoundation 0x00007ff807e4c113 __CFRunLoopDoSource0 + 180
21 CoreFoundation 0x00007ff807e4be8d __CFRunLoopDoSources0 + 242
22 CoreFoundation 0x00007ff807e4a8a8 __CFRunLoopRun + 892
23 CoreFoundation 0x00007ff807e49e6c CFRunLoopRunSpecific + 562
24 HIToolbox 0x00007ff810af85e6 RunCurrentEventLoopInMode + 292
25 HIToolbox 0x00007ff810af8213 ReceiveNextEventCommon + 283
26 HIToolbox 0x00007ff810af80e5 _BlockUntilNextEventMatchingListInModeWithFilter + 70
27 AppKit 0x00007ff80a883fad _DPSNextEvent + 927
28 AppKit 0x00007ff80a88266a -[NSApplication(NSEvent) _nextEventMatchingEventMask:untilDate:inMode:dequeue:] + 1394
29 AppKit 0x00007ff80a874d19 -[NSApplication run] + 586
30 AppKit 0x00007ff80a848c97 NSApplicationMain + 817
31 dyld 0x0000000103ef052e start + 462

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