Does anyone know how to delete Blocs Masks from a project?

They appear to have some sort of LOCK and therefore cannot be removed. Even when they are hidden, they still apply a mask so I need to get rid of them.

You select the Bloc and the change the side bar Mask option to none.

Screenshot 2022-11-27 at 11.19.22 AM

Its hard to read but on top of the list there is “None” option

I guess I never managed to scroll to the top of the list of masks. For some reason, I would have liked to have a checkbox to turn it on and off independent of the mask selection.

Thanks for pointing this out, knew that had to be a simple solution.

Having it in the drop-down selector makes sense to me, saves on having another UI element. There is already a lot happening on that right hand panel.

I’d agree it’s harder to spot the first time, since all the other options have icons representing the mask. But once you know, you know,