Blocs version 3x recommendations?

I got delayed in getting my website off the ground and currently have Blocs 2.6.4.

Wondering if I should upgrade to some version of 3 before jumping in but Blocs always seems to be in some version of being fixed. An update comes out, a few days later people are reporting issues, a fix comes out, a few days later… etc. I know, thanks to Norm that’s a good thing!!!

But I am stuck as to just which version of 3 something I should get or should I stay with 2.6.4? I will never be a “power user” but don’t want to loose out on some useful upgrades and features.

Totally appreciate any help and opinions here.
cheers Barry

Hello @btate,

from my experience most reported bugs are for beta versions, so if you use the standard blocs 3 versions, you should not have big problems.

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Thanks Webplus, will do

Practically any sophisticated software is always in a state of being fixed on some level. It’s the nature of the beast, but for what it’s worth I find Blocs 3 to be a vast improvement on Blocs 2 in every way, including bugs. It’s a huge leap in terms of productivity.


I recently took the step. You won’t regret it.
I also splashed out on @Eldar’s course. It makes the infrequent user realise how good Blocs can be.
As @Flashman says, nothing is perfect. The day @Norm feels Blocs is done, it will be left behind.
Blocs really rocks, and with all the help on these forums and all the clever Blocheads, you’re in a good place.
Feels kinda good eh?


Blocs 3 is way more stable and feature-rich compared to Blocs 2. With Layer Tree, it is a bit more complex, but there are so much possibilities previously impossible to do in Blocs!