Blocs website published

bought blocsapp 31st March after being dumped on by Adobe (Muse)
quite a learning curve ( watched a lot of Eldar on youtube)
website now redone with blocs…

any thoughts…


just noticed home page image is wrong way round…not sure why.

& possibly gallery page slow to load…lot of images

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The home page feels a bit like something is missing. It’s a picture and???

The gallery is not unattractive, however it is big and slow loading. I think you need to do a better job of optimising them for web. The first image I grabbed weighed in at a whopping 418kb and when opened in Affinity I can see that is 1500x2253 pixels. Why so large?

On the page that looks about 600 pixels high, so if I reduce it like that and save for web at high quality it dips below 100kb. You have multiple images on each product it seems and according to Pingdom your page came in at a staggering 108mb…

Screenshot 2020-04-27 at 19.48.44

Page speed impacts Seo and the way customers react so this is important. You could possibly break them into smaller sections based on type as well. I see you are based in Somerset where I went to school and learned the delights of Somerset cider.

Thanks Flashman.
I will look at compressing images more, and maybe adding more pages to reduce weight.
Plenty of cider here. Andy

Ps. What size should the images be?

Somerset was always the best for cider. Unfortunately nobody can travel now. I think you could afford to the make the fonts bigger for easier reading and perhaps a tad heavier.

I think you could make the images something like 600px high and then save for web. Give it a go on one or two and see what you think. As things stand Google will hammer you in the rankings with a page that big.

Thanks Flashman. Will try that. Trial & error. Andy

I assume ‘lazy load’ doesn’t work with carousel images.

Quite nice!

I think your English teacher must hate you! Not a capital letter in sight.

About those images. They are big. I took a look at one of them - small-pink-chest-6.jpeg (didn’t look pink to me) - it’s 1500 × 2253 and 411Kb. It all adds up.

I would do away with the carousel for each item and have a click-through to a product page. That would reduce load times immensely.

You don’t sell your product much or yourself.

The home page doesn’t introduce yourself, doesn’t give any backstory, doesn’t tell me why I should look further. In your line of business you aren’t just selling furniture you’re selling craftsmanship and tradition. You need to sell this so people understand how wonderful they will look in their cottage etc.

Here’s a suggestion, get a nice bit of wallpaper and either paste it on a wall or paste it to a large board. When photographing your stock, put that behind - dress a small part of your showroom so that when you take pictures it looks like it’s in someone’s home. Perhaps put a pot plant and something on top of a dresser. It won’t take much effort but it will lift your items considerably. Dress your stock!

But really it’s a nice site that just needs a bit more love!

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