Blocs websites on Apple Watch

Just wondering if anybody has ever tested their Blocs websites on an Apple Watch. I like vintage watches, so thinking about the display of websites on a watch is not something I’ve given a lot of thought to, but it seems Apple have now enabled this

Personally, I suspect it would be a pretty awful viewing experience on such a small display, but given the huge numbers they sell I wonder if this will be another headache we have to consider before long.

One of the reasons AMP was implanted by those on the leading edge. Don’t know if it will remain in its current form or not. Most things change I suspect.
10 years ago who would of thought 60-70 percent of first time visits to a website would be via phones!?

Great! Now we have to make our sites Watch ready! :rofl:


That’s a real good one :rofl::rofl:

Bring your glasses and be prepared to scroll.

On a serious note, @Norm this link provides a good generalized overview.

Note: Marketshare still remains heavily non-Apple devices/browsers, remember that everyone. :wink:

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It will be if you browse on a watch…

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There are various apps for creating newsletters that already allow you to simulate how it will look on an Apple Watch. I just hope this isn’t an idea that takes off with clients for websites.

Yep, the clock’s ticking.