Blocs with el capitain?

does any-one know which blocs version i need for el capitain, and where i can get it?
Thanks a lot!


I don’t know exactly which version supports the El Capitan, but you can download all of the versions from here:

We had this discussion just a couple days ago and El Capitan has serious difficulty with Blocs 3

Blocs 2x works best on El Capitan, but version 3 is quite glitchy. So since 3.3 I update to Sierra and now works fine

I tried 3.3 again today with El Capitan and could not even get it to preview a page. It came up with a Not Found error.

Blocs 3.0.0 works, but you cannot search for elements.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot !

Thank you! So version 2(is it possible to build nice sites with version 2?) works wel with El Capitain, and version 3.3 works wel with Sierra…Do you think i can run Sierra on my MacBook Pro ( from 2011)?
What do you think, are the options, because i don’t wanna buy a new mac…
Isn’t it difficult that every time blocs comes with a new version you have to wait and see if it still works on your system? We cannot keep buying new macs to be able to work with blocs?

No, version 3.3 is really great and soon Word Press will release for it. So recommend to purchase this. I am running on imac14.2 and MacBookpro9.2 and licensing of blocs give ability to use it at home and at office. So this app is game changer.

Sierra is really unstable os, I have to recover it from back up few times, my Apple ID having issues. So if you will update, get prepared to do full Macintosh Hd restore from recovery partition. Maybe it’s my issue as I have a long update without reinstalling OS beginning the times of Leopard 10.5

Hey hey,

Thanks a lot for your replay! But version 3.3 will not work on my mac with El capitain?
So what steps to take, so i can run version 3.3 on my mac book pro 2011?
thank you

Google is a wonderful thing. You should be fine with High Sierra and that will probably see you right with Blocs 3.3 or later for a few years, assuming the computer doesn’t die.

Thanks a lot!