Blocs3 - Recovery - data history was suddenly wiped out!

I was working in blocs 3, everything seemed normal when I was quitting, the file disappeared. I found it in the trash and returned it to its original location. But when I opened it, it went to a fresh page with no history of work done.

I have the html files of what I had built,

but the .bloc file is not accessing the database of what has been created.

How can I get bloc3 to assemble the .html files into a new .bloc file doc.?


Hey @LumerianMedia,

Best thing is to log the issue directly.

I did…thank you…but I have still not gotten a response.

However, I believe I solved the problem:

1- I made sure all images I would use were actually IN the ‘img’ folder
2- I resaved and renamed the project, making sure that the ‘blocs file’ is in the same folder adjacent to ‘img’ folder and not outside of that folder.
3- I deleted the previous images from the Asset Manager
4- Then I added the images fresh.
when Exporting, when replacing the folder, I then select to ONLY replace new images or ones of a different size. (As I think the a couple times when I told it to replace, for the second choice I told it to replace ALL…and that may have deleted my ‘Bloc’ file.

Any one of these points could have been the problem…
the good news is that now it is working. :slight_smile: