BlocsApp + Catalina, any issues? SOLVED

HI all,
I have Blocs 3.1 and I am not sure to upgrade to Catalina because I don’t know if Blocs will work with it. Did any of you (that upgraded to Catalina) got any problems? I really want to upgrade but I am just worry

many thanks!

I got a MacBook Pro 13 inch from 2018 16 RAM

No issues with Catalina Beta 5 so far.
But as we all know, sometimes everything works fine but in the next Beta problems will occur.
So, I would wait to the final release of Catalina.

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Just as @Bootsie suggested, though the wiser heads often wait for a few point upgrades as well before upgrading the OS. Blocs 3.3 is pretty nice and likely to be better for compatibility than 3.1 when Catalina does ship.

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Just out of curiosity, why are you not on 3.3??


Take a look at this thread… I ran across a couple of issues with my testing Catalina.

thanks :relaxed:

No using Blocs all the time. I’m in the advertising industry so my working tools are psd and ai mostly. Blocs use for some very very small projects for friends and very local people, nothing special, but if I use it and I upgrade to Catalina just wondering of could work. I have other older apps too like Hype 3 but again not like I use daily.

Ok thanks eagle, i will check it out.

HI @Bootsie now that Catalina is officially out… is Blocs running with no issues? or I should wait a little? thanks!

Have a look at this:

Not that I know. It’s still on Beta 10.
But anyway, I’m working with Catalina Beta 10 and Blocs Beta 10 with no issues.
Blocs is running as usual.


The Golden Master just shipped to beta testers.

We are releasing Blocs 3.4 early next week, we think MacOS Catalina will not be far behind it.


Great, looking forward to updating everything. Thanks to everyone who tests Blocs for us.

The GM is out.
No issues with Blocs 3.4 Beta10 so far.