official webpage loads and flashes

I’ve asked about this phenomenon before but never heard any response or explanation…it certainly doesn’t look good so I hope it’s something that is fixable.
I noticed this sometime ago on an iPad …try it.

I’m not seeing any flash. There is roughly a 1 second delay before the video comes full into view.

What I get is a partial page load then it begins loading again and completes the load. On a very fast connection. I can’t remeber if it does it on the desktop. I will check with some testing. Thx✌️

I’m on a 76mbps connection and have no problems with the Mac Pro. I just tried on my smartphone that is obviously less powerful and that was fine as well apart from the annoying cookie pop up but you see those everywhere nowadays…

Same here no issues, on Mac, iPad or iPhone.

I’ll see if I can do a screen recording of it happenening…

I’ll upload it tomorrow…tried it on 3 different devices…does the same thing…homepage partially loads then the text/logo starts coming in and the whole page reloads…

ScreenRecording_10-17-2018 (1.7 MB)

Here it is in the link above

Very strange, I don’t get that at all. I wonder if you have an extension the could be causing problems.

Noticed it for a while on Ipad and Safari on desktops…not on Chrome…no extensions…

Hi, I see the same things on my iPad and on my Mac.

Kind of surprised no other response from anyone…things like that hurt the brand. It’s like going to a plug-in site that sells a speed up your page load and the site doesn’t load.:grinning::grinning::grinning:

I see the animation twice on my iPhone as well. On my macbook I see everything how it should be

Unless it’s Safari. Try clearing the cache and history. So far all safari mobile, laptop and desktop devices exhibit this.

Maybe the animated load causes it. If someone recreated the Blocs Home page and loaded it to a server they could find out. We have several testing servers but not the time right now. When I say we it’s me a couple others and my “hired” associates…:grinning: thx for confirming this phenomena …