Blocsapp UI

I was thinking about the blocsapp UI, specifically wondering why I can set margin in the sidebar for a paragraph, but not for a text link. Why not?

Then I wondered if we could have more in the sidebar. Clearly the visible part of the sidebar is constrained by the height of the window or screen, but it struck me that there are parts of the sidebar options that I rarely use or need immediate access to - Animation for example.

Norm allows us to collapse the sidebar sections, so I don’t have to look at the animation options all of the time even if I did use them.

So it made me think that Norm could have room for a few more settings if some of these sections were collapsed by default. For example, the data source section. I rarely use it, so making it collapsible would provide an extra row in the visible area.

With regard to collapsed sections in the sidebar, it would be cool if the collapsed sidebar had an indicator ( a dot next to the little square? ) to show if any settings in the section had been altered from default. That way I could collapse most sections without needing to open them again to check if anything had been specifically set.

Just some UI musing about wasted space and missing settings…


all good points :slight_smile:

Especially the one about the little marker to show you options have been changed.

Great points :+1:

Nice, I’d like to be able to set a default export folder in the project settings.


I just added the section has values marker (animation shows values are set in this collapsed section). It’s ready for Blocs 2.4.1 beta should be available tomorrow.

The rest of your points have been added to my todo list as it will take a little longer