Wich template U used to build the new ? Eldar? Love the scroll effect in te laptop screen :slight_smile:

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Hello @bonoman,

I didn’t use a template for the Blocs Templates website. I have built it specifically for the templates site.

As for screen, just take two same photos with different screens, place them as backgrounds on two blocs, and enable parallax on both. You will see that only the screen will change.

You can apply the same technique to colors as well. For example, take two identical pictures, make one Black and White, and other Color version. Enable the parallax effect on both, and you will get a cool effect.

Hope that helps!



That’s a great trick @Eldar. I bet some some ideas like this would be really popular in the Blocs Training course as video tutorials. It would teach users how to think more flexibly and creatively with Blocs.


Hi @Flashman,

Yes, I am preparing the list of the videos for the next Blocs Core Training update, and video about using Parallax is on the list. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Eldar sweet little parallax tip it works great.


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Brilliant! yet so simple…thanks for this nifty little trick.

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I was just thinking how awesome that would look in some cases if the parallax effect moved horizontally as the page scrolled vertically.

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