Blog page with Blocs 3

Hello all,

ist there a way to create and use a blog page with Blocs 3?


You can use pulse cms for this. You have to install pulse cms for this to work but blocs hosting will help do this for you.

Thanks. I don’t need hosting though. I’ll check Pulse CMS. So that’s another $99 … per year? Phew…

You don’t need any special hosting, or pulss cms, etc., if you don’t want. You can manage it all through Blocs manually if you desire, here are two examples:

See this example and read through this thread by @casey1823

@Eldar also does this with his Blog as he mentioned below in this thread.

Here is another example by a user


Thank you. I was asking because I’d love to have the option to edit content on a “news” page regularly without the need of using Blocs 3 to edit, export and upload the page each time.

You’re welcome.

Currently those types of options are somewhat limited, but as demonstrated by those two examples above it can be managed and done without much fuss. If you want to instead implement a CMS here are the current options within Blocs.

October cms is another good option. If you need some help setting any of them up just let me know as I’ve got experience with all of these options


I have built my blog using only Blocs 3, and although it is not possible to add more content without using Blocs, I still prefer it to using any of the available CMS platforms.

I have actually wrote a blog post about this. You can read it here.



I forgot about yours @Eldar. I’ve updated my initial post to include it for those that come across this thread.

No worries! Thanks for that anyway.

Looks great @Eldar

Did you just make each post preview from scratch on the news page:

Or is it cleverer than that?

Each post preview is a bunch of Brics like headings, paragraph, image, button. They are all located inside one column, which I just duplicate and replace the content every time there is a new post. Usually, it takes me 20 second to create a new post on News page.

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How did you do the breadcrumbs? is that all manual as well?

Yes, did it once, and then just duplicating every time there is a new post.