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Hi guys, I know that Blocs doesn’t have much (any?) blog support, which is a little disappointing. But I’ve been investigating using a CMS with Blocs to try to use it for a blog. Not having much luck, everything I’ve tried so far as been cumbersome.

(Just to be upfront, I know about Pulse, I even bought Pulse, and weeks later they’ve changed to some new payment structure and I’ve read too much on their forums to know I’m not interested in it anymore.)

Anyway, I’m currently looking at October CMS, which I know Blocs has support for - does anyone use this combination for a blog? Do you have any experience to share? Thanks!

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My advice would be to have the blocsapp website link to a blogging site of some sort rather than attempt to turn a blocsapp site into a pseudo blog.


Check out this thread…

That’s a shame @Gavin as Blocs works really nicely with Pulse Blog:

Not sure what you read that made you not happy, but would be happy to give you a call to talk it through?

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As @gavin I was excited also when Pulse first came out supporting Blocs. It had plans for everyone. Being I’ve only got one or two current clients that want a blog or cms website it makes the current payment structure unafordable for my business.

It would be nice if you still had plans for either a single, three or five pack users. My original plan was to use the single user license giving me a chance to really use the product and if needed I would keep upgrading depending on how many sites want cms.

In the time between looking at the program and investigating using it with blocs I went back to purchase a package (I think it was a 3 pack) and the type of plans I first looked at were all changed to the current pay structure. I was disappointed to say the least and that was the last time I visited your site or considered using Pulse.

Your comment to @Gavin “that’s a shame” could be applied to your company. It’s a shame your company only supports subscriptions based services.



very well said @casey1823, I think Pulse partnered with Blocs to have “Client” based acquisitions and stuff. Well I think it didn’t work HAHAHA

Can´t say anything about pulse so far.
But even disqus is quiet diappointing in terms of security and hidden tracking of users page.
Personall I wouldn´t mind integration of a system all heve their shares in profit but should be a bit mor transparent for us users.
As a blog system with reasonable advertising and a viarity of given free templates I have a look at tumblr since a few days - and this could be it for our purpose.

Thanks @casey1823 and glad you were excited! That’s the idea :slight_smile:

It’s not aimed at being for everyone so it might not match all users but that said the single license pack has been replaced by the current pricing structure. It’s not a subscription, it’s like Blocs in that you buy it and can use it on as many sites as you want, for as long as you want. But it comes with 12 months of free updates. The sites still work forever but when Pulse 6 etc come out you’ll need to pay again to get it, I think that’s fair.

Hope you reconsider it and be happy to talk it over with you about it as it’s an excellent integration with Blocs. I know a lot of people using it all the time and are really happy with the results.

@mackyangeles you’re such a troll :stuck_out_tongue: You gave me the same spiel on Twitter.
I understand you like to see people fail, and that’s fine. How can you judge if it has “worked”? Your comment is just not constructive.

We partnered with Blocs as it’s an amazing piece of software and we wanted an easier way for people to make Pulse templates with drag and drop. We could have built it ourself but Blocs provides that and we believe in @Norm and the direction they are going . If you don’t want to use it, that’s fine. But you don’t have to be taking little digs all the time… It’s easier to destroy than to create…

@pixelwork - Disqus is the industry standard comments provider. But if there was a better one, we would consider adding it :slight_smile:


Hahahaha yah! On this part I must say I’m kindda being a troll hahaha but well I have my own voice and I’m one of first users of Blocs App so I have a say on this. :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry for being that way hahaha I have endorsed this with all my clients and they rejected the option so this is based actually on my experience selling the CMS you are selling. So that being said, I’m a voice to a disctructor. I’m giving you insight on what some people say about the product you’re selling. Is that my bad? Haha sorry again. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Also @pulsecms, your Integration is way more expensive that the Blocs App HAHAHA see the difference? I suggest build your own Website Builder to compensate the value of your CMS and Blocs App on some point as I can see will have it’s own CMS structure in the future haha ever since I’m not a fan of integrations because on a long run it will abuse some parts of Blocs App clients’ experience, yah being that, @Norm knows it haha that I’m one of the people who disagreed with CMS integration with you and suggested some open source CMS to be added haha. Keeping it real, you know reaI talk haha :stuck_out_tongue: HAHAHA

@pulsecms My question for you is why would you have a product “not aimed at being for everyone”?

Could you tell me who this product is aimed for?

You reference Blocs as perfect for integration using Pulse. Take a look at Blocs price points, it has a price point for all users. Personal Edition and a Team Edition. It gives everyone a price point to give the program a try.

The 300.00 price point really only caters towards bigger companies that can afford this type of price. I don’t see why your company does not offer a smaller price point for a entry level user. I pay less than 120.00 yearly for Adobe’s photographers plan that I use for everything, what makes your product worth 300.00 (for 12 months)?

I know, I can already imagine your response! “Pulse is not aimed at being for everyone”.

Enough said, Casey


@casey1823 haha same sentiments, maybe they think big enough to say they are useful than Adobe and Blocs App HAHAHAHAHA

Exactly my point!

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@mackyangeles ok I think @pulsecms get the point now. I know they put a lot of hard work into their product and I think your tone is a little harsh. If it was me and someone was talking about Blocs like that, I’d be pretty upset.

I’ve personally spoke to Michael on a few occasions and he is a really nice, helpful guy, lets not lower the tone and push people away.

Respect each other poeple :sunglasses:


We should support providers that integrate with blocsapp not make life difficult for them. Absolutely.


Thanks @norm and @pauland - really appreciate that and would be great if people could support all the makers here - it would help the evolution of the Blocs community!

In a nutshell, I’m really happy this has happened. It shows that we are on the right path and doing something right as we are polarising opinion.

@mackyangeles I know you’re upset about the price. But it must be more than that. Price after all is just a number. What else did your clients say? If they said “it’s not easy to use, I don’t understand this or this doesn’t work” then it would be really helpful to hear it (even if you don’t want to use it) so we could put that back into product development.

There are quite a few Blocs users who are making Blocs+Pulse sites and can’t believe how quick they can make a site, deliver it to their client and the client is editing it. They’re charging a fair price for that (so instant cash back on buying Blocs+Pulse) and the client doesn’t call them up or need training.
So there must be something else…?

Our mission is to make Pulse the best CMS on the planet and everyday we’re taking 1 step closer to that goal. Just like Blocs is/will be the best web design authoring tool on the Mac. So if you could DM me, or I could call you or just want to hear more detail, that would really help us.

@casey1823 there’s a CMS already that does that (for everyone) and it’s bloated and old, easy to hack and causes endless pain for users and the freelancers who set it up. Making any product or business for “everyone” rarely succeeds. We are making a CMS that is primarily aimed at developers / designers / creators / freelancers who are making sites for clients. Self-makers can use it too but it has all the features that creators would appreciate and make them more money or save them from losing more money. So spending $300 on Pulse would stop you losing a lot more by working with the other CMS I’m talking about. It easily provides more value than the 300 that even freelancers could benefit from, not just large customers. Similar services/CMS charge $300 / site / year - this is for unlimited sites that are never switched off.

But if you can’t immediately see the value in it then it’s either not for you, or we haven’t communicated it well, and that’s my fault. I’d also like to talk with you and hear more about your business and how you make sites and learn from your situation.

We are constantly listening and run local meetups here in Japan and Pulse 5 has 100 new features based on what they tell me they need, what people email me, when talking on the phone to users and also from our own forum. So your voice won’t fall on deaf ears.

But it’s all about choices. You don’t have to use a CMS with Blocs to make great websites. And there are at the moment 3 CMS to choose from that integrate well in Blocs, all with different pricing plans.

I’m hoping we can move forward on this constructively and just have a mature discussion with useful feedback rather than throwing mud around and trying to exercise our vocal chords.

Peace & Love :slight_smile:


@Norm I’m being subjective here haha and as you can see on my previous chat I didn’t use or started any fire here… haha (I’m not sure if I did something harsh)

@mackyangeles you’re such a troll :stuck_out_tongue: You gave me the same spiel on Twitter.
I understand you like to see people fail, and that’s fine. How can you judge if it has “worked”? Your comment is just not constructive.

I quote what @pulsecms said. Do you think I started everything? That’s why I said real talk. I’m a potential client. He should listen to me to help them, I’m not actually pulling them down. Me a troll? I’m just a potential client having a comment on some matters. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think we can just move on.


Someone flagged your comments as inappropriate, so I took a look. You may not have meant to offend, it’s easy to get crossed wires when all you’re reading is text.

You have been a huge help to myself, Blocs and it’s growing community. I think it would be amazing to see that same kindness and help shared with those who are trying to intergrate with Blocs and the community. Some products may be overpriced IYO but let’s not criticise.


Hi @Norm you know me being straight to the point, but I’m not sure I dropped something that offensive or even harsh when no one provokes me hehe. I’m stepping out of this trend and move on hehe :slight_smile: