Body Classes and CSS Input Zone

Hi @Norm

It would be great if the Classes we apply to the Body class and CSS input zone could be shown on the design canvas.

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Options inside the code editor menu should get (at least) keyboard shortcuts as well. It feels like they’re located in the “dungeons” :volcano: of Blocs. Going back- and forward is a pain when frequently needed.

How would you display them?

Also remember this is the public thread :wink:

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Switch code zones with keyboard shortcuts when code editor is open?

So for example, if you apply an image to the body class, it shows on the canvas.

At present, you have to use preview. Which is tricky if you have say white text and working on layout and styling.

I can see difficulty in some cases, eg. I use CSS animations a bit and also place that in the CSS input Zone (love that we finally have this). But we wouldn’t want the animations to render on the canvas. But then when using selectors, which I also use (when they are not supported in the class editor), it would be nice to see those styles applied on the canvas.

Ah ok you want the classes from these areas to render in app design/edit mode?


Yeah. Sorry if I’m not overly clear. I’m exhausted :sleeping: :joy:

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Initially when the editor is closed. To enter the CSS editor it’s 3 steps to get there (window → code editor → CSS) . A keyboard shortcut could come in handy here. When opening and closing frequently (as the code editor stays on top of the canvas) it gets to your :brain: :grinning:

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How about control+tab when code editor is open to move between code zones?

This is currently used on Blocs to move between tabs on the Class Editor, Project Settings

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That would be a huge step forward if possible. I’m sure other code editor users will agree with me!
I can’t wait for 4.5.3-b4 :upside_down_face: :beers:

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Not sure if it’ll make it into 4.5.3 but I’ll get it sorted for this year.

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I can’t wait for the 4.6 release! :smile: Then I’ll get to use all the work that all these Betas fixed.

I can’t wait for the 4.9 release. I heard rumours it’s already in development and has Siri-controls. :blonde_woman:

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