Bootstrap 4 Beta1 is out

The first Beta of Bootstrap is out, more here:

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I love the new Navigations (specially the Themes Previews) hopefully @Norm can enhance the Blocs Navigation to that :slight_smile:

Big important milestone indeed.

ah finally! I can start working on integration now.

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which ones do you like?

Actually alot of them are visible with blocs already here are some that I think would help alot of us. We’re craving for more bricks hehe

Tabs with Pills Vertical and Horizontal (Alternative to Accordion)
Also Accordion hehe
New Cards

Additional (because you asked me hehe) I was think of having an option or ability to toggle a flexbox to enable same height panels/row? If possible hehe I saw a topic here last time. That would help.

Also the pop-up module :slight_smile:

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Sounds familiar to me :wink:

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Yeah I’ll be adding more brics with bootstrap 4


Just curious how long that will take? Could it be there for Blocs 2.5 or 2.6?

No it wont be included in Blocs until early 2018 ie (Blocs v3). If you get involved with the Beta of Blocs v3 then you will get to use it this year most likely October/November.

You also have to remember Bootstrap is now in beta, it’s still not recommended for production use its just a lot more stable now and ready to be tested by the masses.

Norm, can you say anything about the schedule for Bootstrap V4 integration into BLOCS or projected BLOCS V3 release date?