Bootstrap 4

Folks Bootstrap 4 has now had its official release. I know some of you will be interested to know if support will be coming to Blocs.

For those who are interested, support is definitely coming with the next major upgrade to Blocs (due later this year).


Wonderful news and now it doesn’t seem to have taken so long. Blocs has certainly backed the right horse.

The new Checkout example is very impressive -

And the Blog! -

Very exciting times ahead.


Foundation may soon look like a distant memory.

Blog layout is great. Makes me think of something… :wink:

@Norm Will Blocs with version 3 automatically transform Bootstrap 3 elements in Bootstrap 4 elements? Or do we have to recreate old projects?

I’m not sure yet. Im hoping I can incorporate a migrate feature.


Pinegrow 4.3 is out with up-to-date support for Bootstrap 4 stable version & includes new & updated Bootstrap 4 starter templates + Toggle Visual Helpers, Improved Drag & Drop and more!

A migrate feature would be very much apreciated!
Bootsrap Sudio claims to have one in their add. But not sure if it is realy working yet.

Just had a look at the video on Pinegrow and that is a seriously complex looking interface. No wonder they are using a calming soundtrack with singing birds in the background.

Pinegrow is quiet nice and on top - every one askink here for individual pages rather than projects, yepp.
On the other hand Blocs UI is very much loveable -making things so much eesier.
But yes - Pingrow is the answer to a lot of requirements from the forum, such as the meanwhile good old accordion and tabs (still not forecasted in blocs).
Anyhow, as always - nobody is perfect :slight_smile: