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Hi all,

The big news of Bootstrap 5 coming to Blocs, with this in mind - will there be anything we use in bootstrap now that will be effected? and what are the big things we should now be able to do within Blocs?

I saw the video today on twitter today of migrating to Bootstrap 5 and on the video I noticed the buttons changed it style when it was changed over - so will this mean a lot of classes could now change?

I guess it could be a case of keeping the ones I have to 4 and build all new ones in 5.

Any views?


That’s great News for sure. Really good questions.
Love to see the video you watched.

The classes you comment about come from SCSS, (a sort of “enhanced” CSS )
it’s now integrated for users in Bootstrap 5.
Basically you will be able to create classes & variables, so it’s more modular fashion if you will

Bootstrap also said that classic codes & scripts from v4 will still be usable as well in v5.

Great question, I’ll include some info in the beta post but generally most of the changes are to JavaScript and the use of Jquery. But there are some class changes and html structure changes too.

Blocs 4.2 now uses vanilla JS (no jquery dependency) for the blocs.js and scrollFX.js, this means the same JS files Blocs generates with every site can be used by bootstrap 4 and 5.

If you are building with bootstrap 5, Blocs will scan all of the additional JS attachments and check for Jquery references and then add Jquery to the page if required.

So if the custom Brics you use need jquery and you build with bootstrap 5, you are going to lose the main benefit. The transition for third party Brics may take a little longer and some may always require Jquery.

Most of the classes that have changed are utility classes, and the navigation now has an additional container in the structure.

Blocs will migrate, projects, page templates and Blocs to BS5. The only thing it doesn’t do yet is migrate custom brics (html), that are added to a page, as this may break the functionality.

I’ll work with the devs to find the right solution to this once beta testing starts.

Finally Bootstrap 5 is still a beta so my advice is to play around, don’t move anything important to Bootstrap 5 until the dust settles :+1:


Excellent feature, thank you. Great for the transition to vanilla.


Thanks Norm - and thanks to you and developers for your work on this.


I would be interested to find out about the new responsive text in BS5. Can @Norm tell us more is this integrated with the classes or something you will add later?

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yeah from reading all the bootstrap 5 info, this is the one thing which really caught my attention. What I do not want is I do introduce BS5 to current websites that it overrides the text classes that I have already - I guess the key is back up everything before steps are made !

Don’t migrate actual projects and push them into production until you have retested everything after you export. An especially don’t do it unless you need and will benefit from what BS5 provides. Remember BS5 also drops support for older browsers.


Wow, now that is interesting. How will Norm handle this?