Breakpoint selection annoyance

Hi all,

@Norm, I’m loving Blocs 4.0.4, but have discovered a little annoyance…

A very minor point, but am I the only one who thinks that the new “pick a breakpoint” dropdown (LG, MD, SM, XS) at top centre of the Blocs 4 screen is a backward step from v3? I thought the icons were clear, idiot-proof, and you could switch between breakpoints easily. A single click on one of the four icons and you were there!

In Blocs 4, it’s one click to show the dropdown, a second to select, and a third (off the menu) to make the menu go away… Maybe the annoyance is that selecting the breakpoint doesn’t seem to close the dropdown, but my greater preference would be to revert to the Blocs 3 icons.

I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has thoughts on this…


You don’t need to click to open the dropdown. And there’s still cmd+1,2,3,4 to switch the view. Though… I must admit, that these shortcuts stop working at some point, which annoys me. If those would work all the time, that’d be great.

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First of all you don’t need to add any more clicks, just mouse over and the extra pane will automatically open.

It will also auto close when you move the mouse out of the menu after a couple of seconds.

The reason this has changed is simple. What was there originally had 2 major drawbacks.

  1. It was misleading, the lines between screen sizes and devices is getting blurrier all the time, it’s just not future proof to assume a phone icon will always be associated with small. One example is foldable phones, they have the dimensions of smaller tablets.

Confusion was created, with some uses taking these symbols literally and ended up surprised when the table (SM) design showed on their phone (XS) and vice versa.

The controls now make it very clear the breakpoints are associated with screen width not device type.

  1. In the future wouldn’t it be great if Blocs let you define your own breakpoints? Or supported other frameworks with different breakpoint measurements. The old style wouldn’t be great UX for that. However, the new design could easily facilitate such and expansion.

We are always learning and trying to look forward. The changes we make in Blocs today, at times are based on the vision of what Blocs may be tomorrow.

Thanks for asking and I hope that helps :+1:


This bug is being looked at btw

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But sometimes it doesn’t.
Also when you move the mouse over the breakpoint dropdown accidentally it stays open.

True. That happens to me as well occasionally.

I’ve improved the auto hiding of this dropdown control some more. Give 4.1 beta 3 a test drive tomorrow, you should find its a lot more reliable now :sunglasses:


Hi @Norm,

Thanks for your comments. A fair point re. looking forward… a sensible policy.

I’ll use the mouseover option from now, and I will no doubt become used to the new style. For now, I will get on and enjoy Blocs 4, which remains an excellent upgrade.

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Hi @Norm,

Pleased to say I have now become used to the new breakpoints dropdown, and it works very well, and no extra clicks necessary!

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Good to hear!

Mouse over works as it should. when you leave the dropdown it closes after 1 sec.
But … when you click on the desired breakpoint it should close immediately, but it also stays for 1 sec.

Thats not the correct behaviour. Imagine you want to quickly check one item on each breakpoint, that would take a lot of clicks if the popover closed after selection.

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Hm …
Well … i passe :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m having the same problem with the view breakpoints CMD-1-2-3-4 shortcuts. I searched the forum to see if it was just me. They work for a while and then they disappear. I have to quit Blocs and reopen it, not just close the project. I’m using Blocs 4.5.2, with OS 11.6.1. Just wanted to mention it.