Breakpoints/Custom classes

Trying to use custom classes to modify item attributes from desktop to mobile versions. For instance…class “mobile-mainlogo” applied to the logo image in the mobile view, set to 250px width. Then class “desktop-mainlogo” applied to the same image in desktop view, set to 450px width. However the both classes show up on the image in both views and one class ends up overriding the other.

Did I misunderstand how breakpoints is supposed to work? Thanks in advance!

Yes, just add one class and edit it’s values at different breakpoints.

So start in desktop, add class, edit it’s values for desktop. Now switch to tablet view mode, edit the same values to what you want for tablet. Switching between desktop and tablet will now toggle between the two sets of info stored for the single class. Rinse and repeat for mobile.

Norm, so we don’t have to create different classes with different names for each mobile device?

No, a single class can contain 3 separate sets of information.

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