Bric Builder Interface

Hi @Norm,

It would be handy in the Bric builder if we could select an object in the preview, and the right pane selects and scrolls to that item. Not sure how possible that is, but when you have a lot of options, it is fiddly finding things, the preview is much more visual on a quick scroll.

Or an alternative maybe a filter :wink:

What are you working on now to enhance our Blocs experience?

Something not related to that screen shot :joy:

What about a tickbox? :thinking: :rofl:

nice, a tick box that auto builds what’s inside your head. Perfect.

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A ‘Tick Box Ultimate’ Bric. That would be awesome! :grin: :champagne: :partying_face:

Sounds like the publicly unreleased bric I sent to you already. How’s it working :wink:

Nothing beats the Tick Box Bric :grin:


Its rare, I think only 2 copies in the wild.

I get a little carried away adding function and options, so it takes me longer than I think it should. :zipper_mouth_face:

We’ll wait, because you know what we need :slight_smile:

If there is a demand for the ultimate tick box bric I will put it on my store :joy:

The Bric is so good. You can’t tell it’s even working.

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Will we have to enable from the side panel? I was hoping it would work with AI.

It should do this this already.

Hey @Norm I mean the other way around, select an item in the preview pane.