Bric selection

When switching to drop mode and selecting a bric it would be useful if we could scroll through the entire selection with the mouse without first having to press 0 or the + symbol to bring up a full page.

I’d also like to see a search bar in that first row without having to press 0 or the + symbol. It really wouldn’t bother me if that initial bric selection window was a little deeper to accommodate this and possibly include the first 2-3 rows of brics with their names.


Or scroll as the block option?

It was discussed previously, a little over a year ago.

Actually @Flashman, you too posted in that thread also. :wink:

I had forgotten that discussion, but nothing has changed and I feel it needs some refinement.

When I go into drop mode I often find there are a couple of graphics I don’t even recognise without the written description and what I need is usually not visible anyway, so it then involves a further step to open the whole lot before selecting the bric and clicking away from drop mode. This could all be faster with a bit of adjustment.

The way I envisage this, entering drop mode would bring up a panel that is somewhat bigger than now, but not full screen, so it doesn’t automatically cover the area where the bric will be added. Simply scroll with the mouse and click to select, then clicking on the web page adds the bric, while automatically taking you back to normal mode, so there is no need to close drop mode first.

Perhaps drop mode could be kept open by pressing the option key if you wanted to select more than one bric.

Only @norm can address that, or state what changes may be coming in 2.5.+ through 3.+

The difference being since the previous discussion a year ago, is the forthcoming Dev API for custom Brics.

So any changes to the Brics UI / UX would need to take into account an endless number of Brics being present at any time, which would now differentiate among Blocs users with custom Brics being loaded.

Things such as:

  • Accessibility / Workflow ( UI / UX )
  • Categories / Order
  • Search / Tags
  • Etc., etc.

But again only Norm can address these matters and what may come concerning changes to the way Brics are handled and used within the app.

Blocs 3 has a completely new Bric workflow. The slots are gone and replaced with the entire Bric library shown as a sidebar, scrollable and searchable.

So no more switching between library and slots, you will now have access to everything as soon as you switch to drop mode.

There is also a new feature that aims to address the “what is this item” problem.

More soon.


Is it anything like the side panel idea we discussed last year in the other thread? I like the idea of maintaining the main design page in clear view and simply scrolling through a section on the side panel to find the intended bric.

These are all valid observations. Ideally we’d also be able to take brics and place them in groups, perhaps as project specific favourites. I am guessing we could soon have more than a 100 brics to choose from, but we need a way to select the right one and apply it to the page within 3-4 seconds ideally. For me, pressing the D button is sometimes my “dither mode” at present.

Can’t wait.

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+1 'ere
Oooh, Blocs 3 in 2018!
Only a few days to go!!!
No pressure @Norm


Haha, well there will be some beta testing first, so I better get my skates on!

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Include me in please. :innocent:

Yes all the regular faces will be invited on day one of the private beta :+1:


If possible, I am also interested in the beta of Blocs 3 :slight_smile:

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I would like too beta blocs 3 as well.

It looks like we’ll have a bidding war soon to see who can beta test Blocs 3, but clearly we need to road test this, not just for bugs, but also to offer feedback to make it as good as possible.


Folks Blocs beta 3 will come later in the year and will get a lengthy test. No immediate release plans :call_me_hand:

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