Bric text search is broken

can’t do a text search anymore in the Bric overlay …

What version of the OS X are you running?
I use El Cap and it has the same issues and many more when using and version above 3.1.x I have to stay with version 3.0.0. :frowning:

High Sierra 10.13

odd. Is this 3.4 beta? Its working just fine here.

no, it’s Version 3.3.0

Do you get this issue with a fresh project?

It may also be a custom bric that is causing it…

HI Norm, search in Brics overlay is working again. That being said, I do get the feeling that certain interface problems occur from time to time, and then go away.

For example, I often have problems with pressing the shift key to display the handles on Brics.

Another example is focus problems like: pixel entry field is shown as highlighted in class editor, but if I type in a value nothing happens. I have to click in the field, even though the field is highlighted (light background)

I rarely get these issues. Do you have any 3rd party system wide software running? that manipulates windows or the interface of your Mac?

nope, nothing like that …

Here’s another video:

As a user if I see a field that is highlighted, I assume that when I type in a value on the keyboard, it should be entered into that field. If you watch the entire video, you will see that although I click in different areas on the page, the width field in the class editor overlay always stays highlighted - meaning, if I type in a value on the keyboard, it should immediately change the value in that field.

At the end of the video you can even see how the value is entered into classes field in the inspector at the right. Sometimes the transparency is changed. and the whole time the number in the width field of the class editor stays highlighted.