Brics Not Using Header Styles

Hello folks. I’m currently developing a new site for a client using Blocs v2.6.4 and have a little question about pre-defined type styles.

When I created the new Blocs project, I went to the project settings and set-up all the CSS type styles for H1 to H6, Paragraph, Labels, Links etc. I thought that this was good practice and would be a time-saver for me.

I’ve now started to construct the site, but when I add Brics to the Blocs, the type sizes don’t match my specifications. For example I specified H3 to be 32pt on a Line Height of 40pt. But when I add the Title & Paragraph Bric, H3 is specified as 42.666px on a 54px Line Height. When I try to change these pixel measurement to points, using the Type Setting controls, it doesn’t convert them, it simply changes 42.666px to 42666pt :flushed:

In summary I’m now having to change all the Header and Types styles in Brics manually, using the Type Settings, which is becoming a bit boring.

Has anyone got any thoughts on what I’m doing incorrectly, and why my Header styles aren’t being picked up? When I look at the Class Manager, all the styles are correct. It’s the Brics that I’m adding to the layout that don’t seem to be playing nicely with the type sizes and line heights.

Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions.