BricsDesign Launches!

Hi Everyone,

BricsDesign site has finally launched.

To celebrate the launch, I have created 3 custom brics that have been on a lot of your wish lists. AND… as an introduction to the Blocs community they are FREE.

Thanks and keep on building with Blocs.




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Bravo, great effort…

Awesome!!! This is what you call brics!!! More please hehe :slight_smile:

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How can you state both in one post?

They are free, you are able to decide by yourself to use them or not, and to make a donation or not.

My 2 cent…


Congratulations :slight_smile:

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Big congratulations. Great new additions to Blocs.


Yaaahhoo! :star_struck:

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Great work @Bill
Looking forward to more and more advanced brics!


fascinating, congratulations

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Thanks :facepunch:
Well done.

Thanks, Bill. This looks really handy.

I tried a couple of these and found they worked when previewed in the browser, but not when previewed inside Blocs, so I wondered if this is a bug with the custom brics tool or something else.

The in app Preview in Blocs still needs some work in order to preview custom Brics, remember API is still alpha, not even beta yet.

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Thanks Norm; that makes sense. I just wondered if this was going to be expected behaviour with custom brics, but it sounds like an early teething problem that will be resolved in time.

yeah the functionality is just not built out yet.

Thank you so much for all the work you put into this. :grinning:
It’s so cool how we all have so much support for Blocs.
The BricsDesign you design would have saved me so much time making this:
One big pain was making 7 / 8 equal columns in Blocs

We this work with Set side-by-side elements to the same horizontal width?
Will it work with columns with width and height?

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the comments - it’s taken quite a while just to get this far, but as things calm down, I should have some time to start on new brics.

@KBConcepts I looked at your example page & yes, the heights for each of the columns could of been set up using Same Height. No, it doesn’t do anything w/ width as you should let the Bootstrap framework determine those widths automatically :wink:


Hi guys, i have a question to the same height bric.

i would like that the panel has the same height.
so i did make this:

ok. it works fine in the bowser:

But it is not responsive?


@Bill Kudo’s and Kudo’s again for making them free :+1: