Bright mode UI for Blocs

Just in case @Norm looks for some additional work :grin:. What about an option for a bright UI mode for Blocs additional to the dark one. On some screens and settings it’s just an advantage. Even Affinity (Serif Labs) offered an option a few months ago. I’d be the first to use it :grin:

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I`d be second

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LOL - kind of ironic seeing that Apple have just announced “Dark Mode” as an innovation… :wink:

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… and it looks ugly. That’s what I think.
But it’s a matter of personal taste and preference.

Various UI choices are generally favorable amongst users, broader flexibility offers increased options for more peoples requirements and preferences.

Given the dancing poop emoji in the iPhone X commercial - I am not surprised a UI theme is considered “innovation” now days at Apple. Not sure much remains within Steve’s vision or trajectory anymore, advertising included. Fortunately the brand loyalty and recognition remains strong, but actual innovation across the products is becoming rather questionable compared to competitors. IMHO.

IMO, A dark background for Blocs work well, as most websites created in Blocs (I assume) are light-themed and separate the website from the UI better.

Really shocking that the Dark UI is the most talked about thing in Mojave. Didn’t Windows 3.1 have a dark theme - infact you could have multiple colour themes if I recall correctly. Apple has really lost the plot.

But reassuring to see that Blocs is already ahead of the curve with it’s dark UI.

^ keyword - being option.

Nothing wrong with having Choice and Options, not everyone is the same, that is the point of the thread.

What a person then choses to leverage for whatever reasons, is entirely up to them. You also mentioned Pinegrow in your menu thread, they recently released a light theme - did you contact those developers or condemn it publicly also based upon your above reasons?


Yes indeed.

@Norm Would this be very difficult to achieve, asking from a technical point of view?

Not technical, just time consuming. However, I did write a majority of the app to support different colour themes starting around a year ago. So to put your mind st rest, it’s coming.

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Hey, good news. Can’t wait to see it :star_struck: Thank you for your statement @Norm

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