Bringing Blocs to an Online Platform?

Hi all,

Not sure if an ‘Online Platform’ is the correct wording or cloud system!? unsure - but I have seen so many comments over the last few weeks on so many various configurations of Macs and operating systems and just this moment @Norm mentioning about updating your Mac can throw your system out…

So my question is - if Blocs had an option to also run it as an online system like Wordpress? so the software is all there in the cloud when logging in from any browser and people can jump onto any machine and I a word many Mac users like myself will hate - but this could open the option of Windows users to join in!?

Maybe the system won’t work as far as Wordpress as each project will be sat online to edit live on a site…but maybe the actual runnings could sit on an online system and all our projects are accessible anywhere in the world on any machine!..this could have integration with iCloud or Google Drive - or maybe our hosting…not sure.

As the world of accessing everything via login online such as Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Xbox Live…why not Blocs !? of course I still want it on my Mac. - so lets have both options!!! Like Xbox, you can run the games on the machine or in the cloud.

Just a thought!

:no_mouth: :thinking: No one responded so what the heck I’ll take a stab :loudspeaker: , including with the overuse of emojis which seem to have become all the rage around here :exclamation::bangbang: :interrobang:.

:blue_book: TLDR: I think Mac loving @Norm would cringe at a non-:kiwi_fruit::banana:-Apple Blocs based product. :-1: :grin:

There are nowadays many options for converting web apps to desktop, but it’s not near as easy for taking desktop to web unless it’s built predominantly on a web :spider_web: stack. I’m pretty sure much within Blocs is web tech though it’s shelled tightly within the native macOS dev.

I’ve seen some state Blocs UI is not macOS-ish enough, though I’m not sure about that aside from the custom styling. Though that aspect would be a benefit given that it would make it easier to keep much of said custom styling when using a web :spider_web: stack, such as Electron , NWjs, or my favorite Tauri (no further comment regarding that :shushing_face: :wink:).

With this non-Apple :coconut: :pineapple: based approach Blocs could then run on macOS, Windows, Linux, Web/Online, iOS, Android, along with supporting a wider breadth of older OS versions. Thus providing many more potential sales :dollar: :moneybag: and users :people_holding_hands: :balance_scale: :people_holding_hands::people_holding_hands::people_holding_hands: of the Blocs workflow approach and ideal. But as a small developer this would also open up a wider range of support, documentation, etc. So be careful :warning: what you “wish” for as an afterthought for Blocs. Because remember …

:wink: So again (TLDR), I think Norm would cringe at the idea of a non - :watermelon: :grapes: - native Apple offering .

Though I will say :microphone: I understand that perspective, given nearly :spiral_calendar: 2 decades ago I was a bona fide Apple fanboy / evangelist. I still have every Apple product I’ve ever owned including all packaging :package: , and everything :clipboard: that came in the said packaging. Nowadays its just not with the same glee as I once had but I still use mostly Apple products (aside from specific testing / compiling). Apple is :snail: slowly regaining my interest though with various personal quirks across their offerings still present.

That’s my :coin: :coin:. This over emoji-ifying is tiresome. :sleeping:





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Good post @Blocs_User - so what if this was brought online purely for Apple users only?
I am just thinking of a huge future update for Blocs - I remember many years ago I was telling a AV forum about wouldn’t it be great if all movies/TV shows and music was accessible like a library online by just logging on and they were there to click on and enjoy, and everyone would reply saying no chance as wouldn’t be possible and they said its best I rip DVDs and upload them to a server and that will be the only way etc

Like apples suites like Numbers, Keynote and Pages are now online too and the apps we have on our Mac and in iCloud all talk, I think it would be amazing if this happened with Blocs.
Imagine being on holiday for example and a client emails saying a change is needed quick or they need to add something quick and your away with no devices other than your mobile…or your are working on location and your Mac or iPad is lost or broken and you need to finish a project for a client, then log on to wifi somewhere and BOOM! you carry on.

Just thinking of the future!!

I never said it could not be possible. Though Norm would be the person to discuss the direct feasibility and desire of eventually accessing Blocs online in browser given its current standing, should he choose to chime in here concerning your inquiry / idea.

In the meantime pack your laptop / iPad when traveling and try not to break or lose them. :upside_down_face: