Browser compatibility

Does anybody know the browser compatibility for Blocs made websites? i.e Chrome, Safari and IE etc going back to version whatever? Also the same question for mobile browsers.

The reason I ask is because I am just drawing up some new terms & conditions for clients and part of that covers the browsers that will be tested in development, however I was curious to know what is likely to cause problems for Blocs.

When using Foundation with Rapidweaver for example, older versions of Internet Explorer do not work at all, however it includes a useful option to detect such browsers and redirect them to a simplified page advising them to use a modern supported browser. This would be a useful feature to include in Blocs if older browsers are incompatible.

Blocs uses bootstrap 3 at its core. Check their compatibility data.

Unless I am missing something it’s really vague, failing to provide version numbers for Chrome, Firefox or Safari and only cites latest versions.

Yeah, I think it’s fairly well supported with old versions of browsers with the exception internet explorer, that’s always be the runt everyone hates because it sucks.


Do you have any suggestion for a way we could set up a page for users of IE 8 etc, explaining they need to get a grip and use a better browser?

It could also include any other relevant information, but basically needs a detection script within Blocs that redirects to a really simple web page for older browsers. This would be a nice feature for 2.4 if it isn’t currently possible.

Putting this in the head section should do the trick, although I don’t have IE to test.

<script type="text/javascript">
	function SE_IERedirect()
		var supported = /MSIE ((5\.5)|[678910])/.test(navigator.userAgent);
				location.href = ('URLToIEPAGE');

I am having a problem with a Facebook link missing in chrome but not safari,any ideas ?


Try clearing cache in chrome.

Another possibility is if you have an ad blocker in Chrome causing problems.

@norm @Flashman I have told the client to clean his cache and to check if he has a ad blocker on,will let you know they get back to me :+1:t2:

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