Browser inconsistancy


I built this site:

all looks good in Chrome, Safari, Edge, and mobile but in IE on Windows the bouncing arrow is in a different place! I cannot understand why.

any help would be greatly appreciated.



It’s a message from the gods telling you that the bouncing arrow is very annoying and shouldn’t be there.

That’s how I would interpret it.

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fair point! :slight_smile:
even when the arrow is static it displays differently! I need it to be in the same place on all browsers.

You have a good site and I can understand why your client is pleased.

Personally I can’t understand why the bouncing arrow is there at all on any browser. Please consider whether it adds anything to the site or detracts from it.

For me it is an annoyance and I suspect I’m not alone.

What is the point of the bouncing arrow?

the intent was to let people know that there was detail below, and it is not jut a landing page.
I think I will just remove it- I cannot make it work anyway.

while your here:
I have the text flowing in from various places, but in this page- the animation doesn’t kick in until you scroll down- any ideas why this would be?
it is a full screen main block

I[quote=“Nzfudge, post:5, topic:1737”]
the animation doesn’t kick in until you scroll down- any ideas why this would be?

I have followed the link using three browsers and in all cases after the assets have loaded the animations have kicked in without any need to scroll.

After some more experimentation, whether one of those sections appears or not, varies according to the browser width and height. With narrower widths, some parts never appear.

It may be wise to drop the animations to get a consistent behaviour. They may be a neat effect, but they aren’t essential.

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