Bug - Class editor > Box shadow

Hi there !

First of all congrats for this excellent update of Blocs, this is a huge step !

For my problem:
When I setup a shadow option in the class editor, the settings I choose seems to never be properly applied to my elements.

The shadow angle, distance and blur never match with my choices when I click done.
If I come back in the class editor the settings are always messed up and are showing different values.

Any help whith that ?

Changes are automatically carried over now, even if you simply close the window without pressing the done button, however adjustments are breakpoint specific. If you made the adjustment at LG for example, but then checked the next time at MD there could well be a difference for that reason.

To check this thoroughly, make a change, close the class editor and then open it again without changing the breakpoint. If that angle has changed it’s clearly a bug and I experienced something similar with colour selection during beta testing.

For this reason, I want as many settings as possible to be inherited across breakpoints, otherwise we’ll be clicking buttons all day long. I’ve experienced a few issues since release with having to set the font multiple times and I imagine there will be a few blips like this that will take a couple minor updates to sort out.

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Hello Flashman, thanks for your help.

I did what you told me, applying shadow options in class editor, click done and opening again whitout switching the breakpoint.

The problem is still present, my values are messed up after reopening the class editor panel…

OK definitely one to show @norm then. I saw similar issues during beta testing that seemed to be resolved, but evidently it needs some attention. I am sure this will be studied carefully and fixed before too long.

Again thank you very much for your help.