Bug in asset manager?

Just downloaded the new version, 3.4.2. If I add an image in the asset manager, use it, then later modify it in Photoshop, (I just changed the contrast and saved it), it doesn’t refresh when I choose that option in the asset manager. Then I removed it completely, and added the newer version (same name on the file), it says it’s already in the project (but it’s not) and ask me if I wanna replace it, I’ll do that, but it still shows the old version. My workaround was just to give it a new name. I did this many times before and it worked fine.

So I had 2 images, one with the old contrast and one with the new (but in Finder they are identical), just not in Blocs. Then I quit Blocs and started it up again, then its fine, images are the same. This happened on 2 different files now.

I have had similar experiences. I think it’s just a cache issue and restarting Blocs fixes it.

it is a cache issue, the canvas webview is pretty sticky! You wont need to restart blocs, just close the project and re-open it, that should also flush and fix it.