Bug - Page preview give wrong thumbnail

Top global area setting is turned off

I noticed it takes a bit of time for thumbnails to update. They are not changing in a real time.

I’ve seen this again today as well using 3.0.2. @Norm

yeah it depends on what is changing on the canvas, I tend not to flush the thumbs too much as it’s processor intensive. It’s not a bug but more a way to keep performance up.

Did this page initially contain content?

edit: Scratch that, I see now that you had the global are switched off but its still being included in the thumb. Ok I’ll fix that, Just checked and its been there since Blocs v2.

it was a blank page but i think it get the preview from other pages which has global areas.
I did turn of global options when create this new blank page

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Cool all fixed and ready for 3.0.3