Bug Report - Only some of the linked PDF's for downloads copied to downloads folder


We’ve been using Blocs for a year or so for quite simple sites. We’re not designers :slight_smile:

We think we have found a bug in Blocs. This bug seems to appear when you have a download PDF link to the same file on two different pages.


We’ve just edited our school site and we have created three PDF’s that we want people to be able to download. We upload each of the three PDF’s as assets to the Asset Manager window. We can see them in each mini-window. We can select “Preview Doc”, “Show in Finder” and “Remove Asset” and that part all seems to work OK.

We then create a link to download each of them in a Bloc…


We create the Interaction for each of them…


and then we export the project.

If we have two downloadable links on separate pages to the Constitution file, then the Constitution PDF is NOT created in the Downloads folder.


If we delete one of the downloadable links from a Blocs page then we get the three files coped to the Downloads folder as we expect.


I can’t see anything that restricts us to one downloadable link per file.

We are using Blocs v3.3.0


Hope this is clear.