Bug report

It happened to me multiple times:
I use a hero bloc with in the nav bar on the left side the lego/company and on the right side the menu with a few items.
When I write down the company’s name in the nav bar and make it bold, the box suddenly becomes extremely wide and pushes the menu aside. So instead of a menu side by side, the menu is now a list…
There is no way to undo this, the only solution is to trash the hero bloc and try again…

This is logged but in future to prevent the risk of the issue being missed, Please report bugs via the deadicated bugs form you can find here

Ah sorry… missed that!

Im not able to replicate this issue. Could you maybe do a screen recording and file it to the bug link please.

It’s Murphy’s law… I can’t reproduce it also, but I did record another strange problem. I will send it to you…

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