Bug with color & text

Hi all,

did anybody the same experience: I have noticed that before but never payed attention. but eversince the update to b3 the following text & color behaviour is standard in my app –> f.e.:

  • adding a h1
  • in the process to “style it” it switches automatically to white
  • I give it a class (f.e. painting it black): it stays white
  • deleting the class and changing the text by the color swatches: it stays white
  • deleting the applied swatch (not the swatch inself) it NOW turns to the applied color (strange!)
  • changing the H1 within the prefs: no reaction

as it is confusing as hell, I recored this as a video:

I am using 3.1.2 but FYI: I experienced this also in the new beta

@norm or others: anybody had this happened to her/him before?

Hello @michaelokraj, I do not can reproduce this problem. I think you should send a bug report to norm.

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Interesting find

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in the meantime i deleted all blocs versions and run “appcleaner” to remove all prefs, too. now I am running only 3.1.2 but it still apears. it seams like it picks the color by hovering over a light areas of the interface. – what happens after that is pure digital “magic” LOL

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