Bug with media player


For several months, I have noticed an anomaly in the way Bloc works with my website. Over time, this bug becomes more and more annoying. That’s why I decided to write to you today.

Here is the problem:

One of the pages on my website has sound clips. I use a standard “audio player” brick for each extract. As soon as I make the slightest modification to my site (even a single word on another page), readers lose the reference to the audio file and the small wheel (slider) spins endlessly (see the video extract here: AudioPlayerBug.mp4). NB: 1- This usually does not affect the last added files, but for all other. 2- The problem is present both in the Blocs internal browser and in other browsers such as Chrome, Safari, etc.

How I work around the problem:

With each update of my site on the server, I start by manually linking each of the audio files (as if it were the first time). It’s getting more and more tedious, because the number of extracts has gradually increased to around 25 and this will continue to increase in the coming weeks.

Steps taken to try to fix the problem (without success) :

I renamed all my files so that they no longer contain any (French) accents or spaces. I only use MP3 files (more compatible with Firefox and Chrome browsers). I did all Blocs updates up to the last one (4.5.1). The problem was present even in version 3.

Do you have any idea what is causing the problem? How to solve it permanently?

Here is the link to directly view the page of my site. Obviously, as this is the online version, I took care to manually link the files.

Please help me to solve this strange bug.

Claude Bellavance

Could you upload the website on a subdomain or into a folder with all the broken links? Alternatively, PM me the file and I’ll have a look.

All bug reports to @Norm should go here:


My first step was to report the bug at this URL I wrote 3 times to get assist.
I’m away from home now. I’l upload the website with broken links at my return.