Buggered my site up.... HELP

So I thought I be clever and rename all my picture to help a little with the SEO. I then deleted the original pictures and re assigned new pics inplace (same pictures but with a different name). When I look (via blocs) on the web browser it all looks good but once I’ve uploaded it via cyberduck most of the pictures have gone.

I have deleted the original site from the domain and reloaded a fresh one but it made no difference.

The site is www.wagonwheel.tv.

Any ideas?



Have you tried the latest version released today? I’d make a back up and try that first.

Your site is still looking for what I guess are the old names, check the local version (blocs web browser) see if it’s doing the same.

Check that you have the latest version of your HTML & CSS & assets loaded on your server and then clear your browser cache. Looks like the browser is using a changed version.

In the local blocs web browser is perfect. I’m wondering if its something to do with the hosting package.

This really doing my head in!!

@Stevewagonwheels it’s really unlikely to be the hosting.

Your HTML is looking for pictures with names like IMG_0703.jpg , which I’m guessing aren’t the “new” SEO friendly names.

When you preview local in Blocs is the html showing the new or the old pictures?

No Ive named all the pics like make up 1, make up 2 etc.

In the preview it shows the new pics.

As a test I made a very 1 page totally different website in blocs, deleted the old files from the host and then uploaded the 1 page. Weirdly it was still showing the old site with out the pics…

How about if you export your site with a different name then look in the file that’s created and open index.html with a text editor? Do you see the old or new names in the code?

Are you sure its not browser cache loading the old version of your code, chrome does this a lot.

Hi, The creator himself! Mate what a great program, I’ve had loads of people asking what I’ve used so I’ve been recommending it. The only people that dont like it is my website designers!!

I’ve cleared the cache already. I spoke to the chap who looks after my hosting (also my website designers) who replied to this

“You had uploaded the images in the root folder as apposed to the /web/ folder. I moved the files into the web/ folder and everything works.
I deleted the root files to avoid any confusion Steve. Just upload everything from now on to the Web folder.”

Now what is showing is a older version but it seems to make no difference what I upload to via Cyberduck to whats shown on the main real website. Hence why I think this could be a hosting issue.

Do you think you will include a FTP uploading in the future?

Surely if you are uploading the whole site at once and the pictures are going into the wrong folder it stands to reason that it all is?

Are you navigating to the /web folder before you upload? Probably something like ftp.wagonwheels.tv/web

Yes it sounds like something is breaking on transit to your server. Maybe try another FTP app, I’ve used Transmit for years, it’s solid!

I do my best to stay active in the forum when time allows outside of developing and working on bugs etc, fortunately we have an amazing community that also help out a lot here.

Thanks for spreading the word :slight_smile:

FTP may come, I have worked on a little prototype that works well, its just weather it works well enough :dizzy_face:. Im hoping to issues some test builds with FTP support later in the year (Early summer), if they go well it will be included in some format, if not it will be shelved until I get it right.

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@norm Please don’t add FTP. Not because it wouldn’t be a good idea but because you may get sucked into sorting out all the FTP issues which include setup issues and badly behaved cheap solution hosts. Realmac seem to be plagued with FTP support issues and it just doesn’t seem worth it.

I think a better way forward would be to partner or form some relationship with an FTP developer such as Yummy to offer a discounted version from Yummy or something along those lines. Then maybe the community here could post configuration files for Yummy for their host.

@webdeersign A good idea!

Yes, Im very cautious regarding FTP.

I use ChronoSync.
Perfect for all needs.
There is a trial version and see for yourself.


So it was something to do with the server after all. A MASSIVE thank to everyone trying to help me. Steve

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Hi Bootsie. I’ve come over from Freeway which did have FTP. Which way do you use ChronoSync? Do you always export to one Finder folder? I’d be grateful (and I suspect others would be) if you could explain your set-up.

Hi Chief,
I also switched from Freeway to Blocs.
ChronoSync is an all-round App for synchronization, back up and SFTP upload.

You export your Blocs project and upload the folder to your server.
When you do changes to your project and upload it again, ChronoSync recognizes the changes and will only upload the changed files or subfolders.

Great. Did you go for the full or lite app, please?


The app can also make bootable images like “Super Duper” or “Carbon Copy Clone”.
… and the developer promises lifetime upgrades for free.