Building webpage

Blocs is a pain I am new to this software

every time I setup a new webpage

a new home page is set-up to what I want it to be

then do a second page it tends to always replace the home page with the second page its starting to pee me off any help would be appreciated

I’ve never heard of anything like that with Blocs, so either you have a crazy bug that is particular to your system or you’re doing something wrong. I see it’s been 3 years since you last posted. What version of Blocs are you using and how are you naming these new pages?

Just a complete guess in the dark here, but my initial thoughts are that you’re putting everything into either the header or footer areas which are global to each page, and not the dynamic area which changes.
So, when you construct page 2, it’s overwriting page 1 with the global areas - if that makes sense.
It’s a bit vague until you look closely, but on both the main construction page, and the list on the left, there are 2 blue lines (blue start of names in the list view). The dynamic area is all of the blocs you place between these blue lines, header global being above, footer global being below.
It might be a thought for @Norm to introduce a subtle blue background colour to differentiate the areas until a bloc is added.

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was it 3 years ago bloody hell, haven’t used it since I downloaded the Blocs 3 so I am trialing that at the moment possibly a bug or I was doing something wrong lol could be either

if I done the 2nd page and went back to the home page the 2nd page would over right the first page

as well as my assists keep going missing

its overwriting everything including the main body

Sounds to me like you are placing content in the global area at the top or bottom intended for headers and footers. This is then transferring to other pages. This wouldn’t happen with the dynamic area in the centre. I would suggest you have a look at the free option for video tutorials here just to learn the basics.

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An illustration may help - see below:

If you have inadvertently put everything into the top or bottom global areas, just select the individual blocs, right click and select the move option, then move the blocs up or down to get them all into the dynamic area. You can rearrange the blocs in the dynamic area in extactly the same way.

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thank you for this will look at where its been inserted


thanks for that really not sure what I was doing wrong

Global areas :sunglasses: