Built with Blocs website

Hey guys!

I have just published my new website, Built with Blocs, which was built with Blocs 2.3 beta.

As you can see from its name, Built with Blocs is the website where you can check out the best websites built with Blocs, and share your best work with others.

At the moment, there are about 20 websites, most of which are created by me, Macky Angeles and Mario Kruger, but I hope more of you will participate and submit your work.

Check it out at http://builtwithblocs.com

P.S. Special thanks to @mackyangeles for helping out with designing of the logo! :slight_smile:


Good job. I really have to learn what is possible at this stage using Blocs, so this looks like a great resource for Blocs users.

Just one point worth looking at. See the attachment and how the last item appears out of line.

Thanks! Apparently, one of the icons is not showing up. Could you please refresh the page and see if it appears the same? What browser are you using? and what device?

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Great idea to create this site. Nice ob.

BTW the page shows up fine for me but there is an error with the spinner.gif not being found.

I’m using the latest stable version of Safari on Sierra with my Mac Pro. I’ve refreshed the page a dozen times, emptied the cache and disabled the cache but it still looks the same. No problem though on Chrome or FireFox.

OK I’ve discovered the problem here. I use an ad blocker browser extension that is excellent, but occasionally blocks content, even when disabled on the page when using Safari. This has happened in the past with Twitter Cards. When I completely disabled the extension in preferences that icon showed up.

Here is a link to the extension https://adguard.com/en/adguard-adblock-browser-extension/overview.html

Apart from this occasional problem in Safari I’ve found it to be a brilliant adblocker and it’s free. I use it in Chrome, Safari and FireFox.

It looks like the icon in question triggered the adblocker. Mystery solved…

@Eldar this is brilliant!

What a good idea! :slight_smile:

@webdeersign Spinoff issue fixed! For some reason, the beta built of Blocs removed the image by itself. Thanks!

@Flashman I’m glad that mystery has solved itself, because I couldn’t find any explanation for this issue! Thanks for the info on ad blocker

@Norm @Ben Thanks!

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I submitted my website.

@Ben Great! I will upload it soon!

By the way, guys, what method would you recommend to use to notify the frequent visitors about the new sites being added to the Built with Blocs gallery? I have set up a Twitter account for now, but I was wondering whatever the email newsletter is a good idea for this type of site.

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A newsletter might be overkill and a twitter account probably overlooked. How about if Norm creates a sticky or some other direct link to site from the forum and that could be updated from time to time when there are new sites added.

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I prefer the newsletter.

Good plan man!
Go go Blocheads

@Ben @apswoodwork Hey guys, I have added your websites.

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@Eldar Thank You.
Looks good. :slight_smile: