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Hi everyone, I’m having a bit of an ongoing problem with bulletpoints - mainly using Volt CMS. I contacted Jannis, he said contact Norm etc………this was a while ago.
Anyway, I digress. Does anyone know how to style bulletpoints in a way that would filter through to Volt Blog. Apparently the blog bulletpoints take their styling from the Blocs setup.

If you have a look at a blog post here:
you’ll see what looks like a white space in the middle of the post (top 10 questions), but look closer and you can see the font is there, but it’s in white! In edit mode, it shows up as the mid grey, which is what I want. So after 3 hours af messing about, I’m turning to the forum.
Thanks in advance.

I see this topic has had a few views so it may not be just me with bulletpoint problems.

Looking at the inspector, it’s taken on the h5 tag which is correct, however, MY h5 is grey, which it is in editing mode, but it publishes white, so I think it’s beyond me.

This version you see in the link above was originally bulletpoints in Volt blog, but I un-bulletpointed that section to make normal text, but it still shows white.

I can get around it by deleting that section and re-typing in as normal text, but as I’m copying across about 40 blog posts, I don’t fancy doing that too much!

Thanks all.

Hi @TrevReav

It is inheriting the colour style from the .d-bloc class.

A couple of options here, since it doesn’t appear your actually using bullets.

Either add a class called h5 to class editor and set the colour. This is fine, if you are not using h5 anywhere else. But if you are you could add

.volt-blog-item-body h5

(preserve space) Which will only effect h5 elements in the volt blog.


Hi @Malachiman, thanks very much for this - I haven’t a clue where .d-bloc class came from - but that sets me off in the right direction.

The h5 class is set up in blocs preferences for the document, but I don’t think I’m using it anywhere.

If I were to change them back to proper bullets, I assume just getting rid of the .d-bloc class would solve the matter?

Very much appreciated.

@TrevReav, The d-bloc is a Blocs class, and its doing what its supposed to do.

If you change it back to bullets, yeah you can add a class to style the colour.

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Thanks again!
And there lies my problem! Would it be this d-bloc or another class I need to change/add? In which case, what would that class name be?
Sorry if I’m being stupid, but I’ve been frustratedly at this on and off since before Christmas on 3 different sites and always just ended up doing it manually, using a •_space_then the copy needed, which of course doesn’t flow properly when it’s over 2 lines, so I’d like to try and get it sorted for one last time!

I guess the solution has already been given?? :slight_smile:

If you don’t know how to add classes, you’ll find the answer here:

Hi @benfluri, thanks for the answer, but @malachiman was pinpointing the h5’s that now look like bulletpoints, but are manually done trying to get it to work - but still happen to have taken on the white colour.

What I’m after is the class that will target actual bulletpoints in both blocs and Volt CMS.

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Well, I’ve now managed to get the ‘proper’ bulletpoints in the correct colour, but they’re defaulting to helvetica typeface …stumbling towards a conclusion.

Now then, trying to remember how I did it will be another matter!

Whether right or wrong, for anyone interested, here’s what I did and I now have an indented list in Volt CMS/Blog that I want! Hopefully this will help others from going around in circles.

Firstly, I made a class called d-bloc and set the text colour to the grey of the paragraph style. This got it away from being white, so it was readable but in the wrong font.

I then made a class called li (list - DOH!) and styled that as what I’d like in the indents across all break point. Held my breath, pulled my underpants up tight squinted at the screen, uploaded and refreshed the page.

It worked! I may have been able to do it without the d-bloc class, but I’m leaving well alone now!

Thanks for the pointers and interest everyone.

See it in action here:
Correct typeface, a bit bolder than the surrounding text - all good.

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