Burger colour

I try to change the burger colour, but I don’t how to do.
On Blocs 2 we could go to the class manager and choose it, but the option disappeared on Blocs 3.
I saw some people saying now we can only choose the bright or dark mode in “appearance”, but I don’t see this option neither on the right bar :frowning:

Hello Mr. Muppet. Take a look at this post

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Thank you.
I find it a bit a pity just get a dev solution as Blocs strength was to be able to make it easy for non dev people.
Anyway, maybe an easier solution will be given in the future.
Meanwhile, I’ll look at this solution you gave me.

Thanks again

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100% agree - there are times I feel like pulling my teeth out at some of the simplest things ! i can design 4 pages with images, text, videos and then want to change a colour and then i’m stumped!!!

Wait till you want to style a TAB!

But 100% hope all this full styling will come in Blocs 4, it has too…i hope!!!..as you said, the strength of Blocs is simplicity but at times the simplest thing can end up being the hardest. For many on here - its a simple thing, but nothing can be easier than : Hamburger = Colour select.

Good thing is - it is ALL there !..just have to hunt it down !