Button Class bug?

I’ve made a button and added a class. When I started working on it today it looks different in other screen sizes. When editing the class it only changes the font and weight but not the font color.
Has anybody a solution? Is this a bug?

Thanks for help!

You need to set the custom class for each breakpoint size separately as required, otherwise it may not appear as you wish. Personally I find it quite time consuming and wish the settings were all inherited, unless changed manually.

I also believe there is a bit of a bug with colours not saving reliably with custom classes, but this extends beyond buttons into other areas as well and I’ve been battling with this for some time. Very often I have to repeat the exercise several times before a colour choice sticks. Hopefully Blocs 3 will fix this @Norm

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@norm, I agree with Flashman. Nice if custom class settings would be inherited unless changed manually.
I think it would also be very nice if you could copy a class, change a few thing and save under an other name. And that there would be a way to organise classes and put them in folders.

@Norm, I deleted all the classes from my button. Took the subclass ‘Glossy’ and try to edit it. Could change most things but not the font color. What is happening? Please help…

try the following. Create a new project, add a button, apply a custom class.

Can you set the button text colour in a fresh project?

Hi Norm,

Thanks for your reply! In a new project I can edit a button. I’ve used a class to change the font. Everything is now editable, like color, size, type etc… So the answer is yes. But how do solve the problem in the original project?

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