Button edit

Why can’t I re-edit the text on the button?

Is this site Japanese? You may get better advice from @JDW

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Yes, I see your buttons have Japanese text, but that should not prevent editing of that text. Does the problem affect all buttons? If not, what happens if you duplicate a good button and then change its text and delete the bad button? Is that a solution? If not, make a single page version document and upload that so we can have a closer look ourselves.


I think he has been having various problems if you look at the list of recent threads and I wasn’t sure how much if any was owed to the site being in Japanese.

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@JDW you maybe able to help with some translation as well so we can better understand what they are wanting to achieve.

I’d like to take it one step at a time. He still hasn’t posted a cut down version of the document in this thread so I can check the button text problem.

It is a Japanese page, I have a hard time because I don’t understand English

All the same phenomenon is happening, after all we decided to place a normal image, thank you

Thank you,


@Norm, I am able to post Japanese sometimes, but other times I get this error:

I can only assume that is why @sifrec hasn’t been able to reply to me in Japanese via PM. Can you fix this problem?