Button for Upload?

I was going to add a button for my clients to upload a picture, however I only see a download option, is there an upload button, and what can I do and I need to keep it simple for me…thanks!


Did you find a solution for the upload Button? I have the same problem. I want to add an upload button to the contact form.

The upload option will require some scripting at the server end. You need a script to know what to do with the uploaded file.Theoretically, it will need to be saved to a specific location and be given a unique name created by your server.

If the upload is required as part of a form, you will probably have to use a third party form script such as tectite formMail. This will allow you to specify a custom form field as an upload field. The script itself can then be configured to either send the upload file to you as part of the email message, or to save into a specific location on your server.

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Thanks @hendon52, i will take a closer look at tectite formMail. I also found something in the Blocs.store that looks very good, but I’m not willing to spend $99 on it. I find that a bit exaggerated and too expensive for a contact form tool.

No I did not i can make a script, but thought for sure there would be something by now that would make it easy, they have a download, why not upload, just make sense, and the prices they charge in the store to us few that do not make millions of websites it’s just to much of a cost