Button in menu (Blocs 3)

I need to add a button to the menu in Blocs 3. It was quite easy in version 2 now I can’t find the way to do it.

I actually want to place it directly to the menu so when I’m on mobile the button will be visible only after I click on the hamburger icon and menu will appear.

Hi Csaba @ckissi

Select the navbar bric on the left hand side:

Then tick the “Include Content Area” from the right hand side check box:

It will create an empty container in which you can drop a button bric. You can then style as you wish.


Yea thats the one feature stopping me from moving to 3.0 You are adding a button to the header and not the menu… So in mobile the button is on outside of menu when it used to be embedded in the menu and looked more professional

@ckissi just use this nav bloc. Add a few menu items and then set the menu to none. Then you can delete the text and add a button or icon. It will be inside the dropdown menu on mobile. Just about the same as Blocs 2.



@ckissi well it would appear I read your post too rapidly. Thus my initial answer is incorrect.

Here is the solution as per the following video:

(Just had some difficulty with selecting the duplicated menu item link :wink:)


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You can add the button to the menu. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Time for you to move to Blocs 3 :wink:

see my previous post reply with the video


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Awesome thanks for the video!! I will be upgrading to 3 now lol

You’re welcome. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for your effort. It works!

My pleasure.


I’ve just come looking for the same question and wanted to watch the video, but it no longer appears to work. Is there any way to see this? The content area solution does not really work as hoped on mobile.