Button Text Class

I am trying to add a class to change the color of the text. In development mode, it reflects the changes but when publishing or previewing the text does not reflect the class. I have tried everything to change the color but it’s not working.

I simply create a class and use the background tab to set the button colour for normal and hover states. I then switch to the text tab and set the text colour for normal and hover states. This works fine in preview and in a browsers, so I’m not sure what may be causing your issue. Maybe you should try again with a new button and ONLY use the custom class to style the button.

Yep thats what I usally do but I’ts not working. I have tried everything,

can you post a blocs file with your button?

Have you had a look using the developer tools in Safari to see if anything is over-ridding the button, any style code in the header?