Button to copy text

Hi, it’s possible to create a button or an icon to copy text?
I want to create a button to copy my Bitcoin address, how can I create that?

A quick search online will give you lots of examples. Like this one.

I’ve seen this, but how can I make an icon that when you press it, copy my bitcoin address?
This create a field and a button

Use the custom attribute field on the right hand panel.

Sorry I’m in transit at present.

What custom attribute field?

Can you helm me doing this button?

Hello @theenrico and @Malachiman if you allow me, please check if is this what you need?!?!?


I only report text copied after you press copy icon so you know that the text was coppied…

Hope it helps you…

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yes, it’s something like this
I want to use Bitcoin Font awesome icon to copy my address, can you help me?

Hello @theenrico check again the same link:


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