Button turns grey after selecting

My button is red on normal and changes to blue on hover and then red again when active. But as soon as it is clicked it turns grey. It remains grey unless I click another button (then the first button turns red again) or if I click anywhere in the site (again the original button turns red again). I seem to remember in another wysiwyg website development program (iweb or muse) that there were four states to buttons: normal, hover, active, and already selected (or something like that). I want my button to be red after it is clicked. Can anyone help. Cheers,

Hi ya,

I have the same problem now. Only on google chrome. Did you resolve this?

I think the right way to fix this would be through the use of focus and visited in the class editor, which isn’t possible in Blocs 3. A quick cheat is to apply the same colour you want directly to the button via the global swatches. That will stop it going grey.

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Yeah that’s focus. It’s part of accessibility.
You can add some styling to it in the project header with some CSS to style it.
But it’s an important feature for people who need to use the keyboard for navigation etc.
I’m guilty of this, but we really should be designing with accessibility in mind. Blocs adds all the Aria attributes which is great.

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Thanks both - I will have a little play around with it and look into it a bit more.